Best Cheap Smartwatch – The Pebble Watch Review

Pebble Watch Review


The manufacturers of the Pebble watch started the funding on Kickstarter where it exceeded its target in a short span. It would be safe to say that the trend of smartwatches began with the Pebble watch, which is a great product for the features it offers and its price.


The Pebble watch is one of the best smartwatches available. It is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems and can easily be connected via Bluetooth. The smartwatch has a 1.26-inch screen, which is not a touch screen but a 144 x 168-pixel display. You can operate and manage many different apps in this smartwatch. The watch can easily be run for seven days straight on a single battery charge, though it could have been better. It also has a vibration mode, which alerts you when there is any new notification. You can easily control the app with the four buttons present on its side. The best part about the watch is that it comes with some basic games such as chess. You can also adjust the brightness level of the screen to your liking. The watch is not bulky; in fact, it has a great design and does not look too different from a normal watch.

Its consumers have given the watch a great rating. Customers have given some great, positive feedback on the watch and loved the features and its price.


  • One of the most important and best features of the watch is that it is compatible with both Android and iOS.
  • The watch is also waterproof and highly durable with a great sleek design.
  • It is simple to use, and you can also install many different apps. Plus, the user interface is highly attractive.


  • You will find that the watch works great, but its battery performance is average.
  • Even though you can easily connect it with iOS, it will not give the same level of functionality as it will with an Android.
  • The watch does not have a touch screen, so sometimes it can get a little difficult to operate.

Our thoughts

A stellar smartwatch, Pebble is well worth the price at which it is being sold. It comes with many different features and on top of that, its sleek design will make it look good on anybody’s wrist. The watch is easy to control and can easily connect with your cell phone.


You can relate to the desirability of the watch when you get to know the fact that it greatly overachieved its funding target. The watch is one of the best that you can find as it can operate many different apps and is available at a good price.

If you are on a budget yet aspire to own a smartwatch, we recommend the Pebble watch as it is the best cheap smartwatch available for sale on the market.

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